Early this morning I was scanning through my Instagram account and came upon a truly rotten upload. I should have reported it. It upset me so much I forgot to take action. Instead, I was later flagged for a crime I did not commit. This photo was of a man’s hand flipping off two police cars in the near distance.

Ignorance, pure ignorance. The short text that followed said  basically to hell with all police for killing black men. Unless you live under a rock you should be well aware that this has been an ongoing issue in the States for a good while now. I strongly suspect that the author of this very racist post was not researching the facts as they were known at the time. It may well have been possible that these people were indeed committing actual, real crimes.

Instead of facing the facts as they were known at the time, the author of this racist bullshit assumed that the persons in question were guiltless. That is a very dangerous assumption. Assumptions are inherently dangerous by their very nature. Long story short, I unfollowed this person immediately and told them why.

I so wish I’d have had the presence to flag the account on the spot. I have zero tolerance for this bullshit. Further, on a trip to the local party store this afternoon, I encountered a black person going into the store. I held the door for the black woman, she said thank you. I said You Bet. Exiting, a black man said Thanks. I said Yes Sir.

I refuse to dislike and despise black people. As with white folks, neither are all rotten sons of bitches. I refuse to disrespect black people across the board just because their skin is darker than mine. What truly matters is what is inside, stop being so damned shallow. I’ve met so many fantastic black folks in my life. Stop the ignorance! Grow up and see that we are all Human Beings.

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  1. Yes. What IS race anyway?! If you tear off our skin, it’s all the same underneath.

    There was one part, in the first paragraph I didn’t understand: «Instead, I was later flagged for a crime I did not commit.» …

    1. Sorry, shouldn’t have put that in there. Yesterday, Instagram software thought I was posting an inappropriate comment and shut down my ability to post any comments for 24 hours. Really frustrating.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! I feel exactly the same way, but not many people are brave enough to mention it in fear of being called racist or whatever. For me, it’s what’s inside. I have plenty of black friends, Asian friends, I’ve grown up with them and even had black boyfriends in the past. It’s just unfortunately select fews from each race (white included) that let everyone down. We can’t judge a whole race on the actions of some, everyone is individual and everyone has their own personality. You can only go from person to person.

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