Early this morning I was scanning through my Instagram account and came upon a truly rotten upload. I should have reported it. It upset me so much I forgot to take action. Instead, I was later flagged for a crime I did not commit. This photo was of a man’s hand flipping off two police cars in the near distance.

Ignorance, pure ignorance. The short text that followed said  basically to hell with all police for killing black men. Unless you live under a rock you should be well aware that this has been an ongoing issue in the States for a good while now. I strongly suspect that the author of this very racist post was not researching the facts as they were known at the time. It may well have been possible that these people were indeed committing actual, real crimes.

Instead of facing the facts as they were known at the time, the author of this racist bullshit assumed that the persons in question were guiltless. That is a very dangerous assumption. Assumptions are inherently dangerous by their very nature. Long story short, I unfollowed this person immediately and told them why.

I so wish I’d have had the presence to flag the account on the spot. I have zero tolerance for this bullshit. Further, on a trip to the local party store this afternoon, I encountered a black person going into the store. I held the door for the black woman, she said thank you. I said You Bet. Exiting, a black man said Thanks. I said Yes Sir.

I refuse to dislike and despise black people. As with white folks, neither are all rotten sons of bitches. I refuse to disrespect black people across the board just because their skin is darker than mine. What truly matters is what is inside, stop being so damned shallow. I’ve met so many fantastic black folks in my life. Stop the ignorance! Grow up and see that we are all Human Beings.

Love Hate Relations

Instagram. I love the service, so much creativity out there, and so many great people too. I’ve made some cool friends on Instagram as I have here on WordPress. That’s the Love side. Hate Instagram. Hate is probably too powerful a word to use in this instance but… Once again, the software or whatever they use on Instagram has unfairly blocked my account from making comments on other sites. And why is this?

I was making an honest comment this morning, using NO bad words, NO racist remarks or anything out of line. As you who know me will understand, I NEVER make those kinds of comments on any website or blog. If I can’t say something nice or constructive, I won’t say anything at all. The block is unjustified. Instagram offers a way to report this. I did yet was not taken to a page where I can actually leave my thoughts on this nonsense. Really?

This crap is what caused me to close my first Instagram account. Supposedly my account will be fully reinstated in 24 hours. I am being punished by a damned software program running on a server somewhere on the planet, for a crime I did not commit. Just as a chain is as strong as it’s weakest link, software is only as smart as the dickhead who wrote the software. It’s very much a love/hate relationship for me with Instagram.