One Hundred Five

Yeah, it was hot yesterday… And I swear, I just cleaned my car! Dust sucks… Via iPhone.


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    1. How cold is cold for you? I’m doing good, adjusting well to living single again. Liking it. It’s the finances that are making me so full of worries. I’ll take your cold over the heat lately, 108 every day gets tough.

      1. Not that cold. Ten degrees for a high on some days but not often. Love overnight of three or four, again not often. That is Celsius by the way. Hope your money worries are soon a thing of the past, John. X

              1. You are more aware than most of systems and customs overseas. Most Americans, for example, wouldn’t be aware that we use the metric system in Oz. I only lived in the USA for four months but my impression was that many Americans don’t know or care about other countries at all. You are not like that.

                  1. I guess it is like why does one state in Australia use X gauge railway lines while others use Y gauge? It happened in the early development of rail in the world and there was no standard. Once they started it was too expensive to change. Electric developments were designed in the USA and taken up quickly. Too expensive to change to another standard? Just guessing!

                    1. I didn’t know there are two gauge sizes in Australia. I’ve heard of different gauges but not in the same country. You learned me some stuff today! hehe

                    2. Yep, and I learned me some extra stuff, cos there is three different gauges still in use in different states. It wasn’t until the 70s that you could travel from one capital city to the next, all on one train gauge. In 1917 you needed to change trains six times to get from Perth to Brisbane.

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