Pine Knob Music Theater

Otherwise known today as DTE Energy Music Theater. In my day it was called Pine Knob Music Theater. DTE Energy (the local electric company) bought the theater/ski lodge many years ago, locals who grew up with the old name never seemed to adopt the new name, myself included.

I have some sweet memories from the 1970’s skiing on the little hills. Good friends, great times together. It was a great place to party actually. My best buddy and I would drive up there and ski when there were snow storms blowing through, best skiing ever, and almost nobody around. I had a four wheel drive truck so it was easy for us to get up there.

Anyway, my daughter and her fiancee’ went to PKMT last night to see the Dave Matthews Band I think she said. She sent me these quickie photos from her Android device. Her man is a bit older as you can see. She was really worried about this when they met three years ago. I once again reassured her the other day about this.

What matters most to me as her father is that he treat my daughter with deep respect and caring. Always be good to her. I have met him. He is a stand-up man. A good man and I am certain he treats her right and loves her very much. She was grateful to hear this from her father. She is an awesome woman, a Christian and a sweet soul.




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  1. When in love, age doesn’t really matter at all. And most of the time, the older they get, the more tolerant, patient, and understanding they become as well. It comes with being matured enough to know what life really is.

  2. Nice to see the pictures.

    Age … it’s just a number. It’s what you’re like and feel inside that counts. My husband is twenty years older than I. Doesn’t matter in any way — as long as you stay young at heart.

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