Forced Into WiFi

wifiIt grieves me to say that I must install WiFi in my new apartment. I’ve been using my T Mobile account as my only  means of Internet access since moving here.

When the speed coming from the T Mobile service is at full speed, it is very much adequate for my daily use. What I did not know is that there is a difference in the so called unlimited services.

Unlimited means phone calls and other stuff. Unlimited does not include using my Personal Hot Spot.

Seriously? Apparently I missed that little detail. My link via the iPhone went all the way down to around 2KB. That’s worse than dial up!!

hence I am having WiFi installed tomorrow morning in my tiny house. Add another $24.95 per month to that cable bill, yeah baby!!

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    1. Well, I didn’t mean literally forced. I just had no idea about the data limit on the Hot Spot. I seem forced into using Wifi. Didn’t want to use it because of the cost. But no choice. Upside is that it will be much faster and more dependable.

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