This photo was snapped whilst moving, I pointed the camera to the mountains in the west and clicked. Those mountains are substantially larger than they appear in this image, thanks to the wide angle lens I suppose. Not a great work of art, I tried to clean it up with two different apps on my Mac Air with little luck. This is what you get!

I woke up feeling very positive and energetic today and I don’t know why either but I’ll take it! Maybe because it’s still a weekend and I am assured of doing nothing but relaxing in front of the boob toob and heading down to our delightful community pools. We have three to choose from and they are salt-based pools, not chlorinated.

It makes a huge difference! I was down there yesterday afternoon and had the large pool all to my big belly self for a while. A family of four showed up. They were delightful people and it was clear they started their family a bit late in life which is fine of course. They have two darling daughters who were for there age, excellent swimmers.

If you know me personally, I am quick to strike up a conversation with complete strangers, something I did not know wasn’t the norm here on the west coast. I was told by the ex wife that she was amazed at how friendly people are in Michigan. And she was correct. People on the west coast are not as friendly, sometimes anyway.

At times I’ve tried to chat with people while waiting on something, and have been completely snubbed. How rude. But whatever. Anyway, a woman and her child came to the pool after a bit. It was delightful to watch her display such love and joy for this little man, and to see his pure joy. The world is still so full of goodness and love. So many good people.

In spite of all the horrific things happening on planet Earth both so long ago, and seeing things become ever worse today, there is one thing that the Devil and his minions can never kill. Love. I believe love to be the most powerful thing in our universe. I believe that our God did this very much by His own design. Purposefully. Happy Sunday my friends.

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  1. What a lovely post! Good you’re feeling that way.

    As I’ve mentioned several times in my blog, people here in Atlantic Canada, are extremely friendly and chatty. I love it! It’s not the norm where I come from, so it was a welcome surprise. I would miss that terribly, were I to ever move from here.

    Unfortunately the bad ones make the news headlines. One easily gets the impression that there’s more evil than good in this world.

    1. Thanks!! It seems a conspiracy by the national and international media to keep the public in a constant state of depression and anxiety. As the years have gone by it seems more difficult to stay positive. Younger folks are not as likely to see this are they.

      1. We’re also constantly updated, nowadays. As soon as it happens I get a “Breaking News” alert on the phone. When I get three [BBC, CNN and the Swedish] simultaneously, then I know it’s really bad.

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