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As many of my online besties know, I’ve been on the job hunt for what seems an eternity. More on that another day… Several months ago I deleted both of my old email addresses which referred to Las Vegas in some manner. It has something to do with the way my mind works and my recently completed divorce. My new email address has in my view already been destroyed now because I used it for communications for possible employment opportunities.

I knew this was possible but I very wrongly hoped that my email address would not be sold to spammers, or given to them. An act of ignorance on my part for sure. I grow very weary of having to take all of the spam in my Spam folder and place it on my block list which pops it into the Trash bin automatically. And that which makes it through the filter and lands in the Inbox. Sometimes I want to find the arses and strangle them.

What purpose does it serve to fill the Internet with seventy eight or so percent of spam? Pumping the Internet full of useless shit is what it is. Who is making money pumping all this shit into people’s Inboxes? If our useless federal government wants something productive to do, go after these useless humans and shut them down for good. A long story short, if you plan to use the web for job searching which seems to be the way job searches are done in our so-called modern world today, never use an email address you plan to keep long term.

I’ve already created a new address that refers to my home state of Michigan. I am extremely guarded who I send mail to from that address. In due time I will delete my ruined email address. Make up some ridiculously stupid toss away email address for yourself that you don’t care about being filled with spam. I suppose it’s the only way, the ultimate way any one of us can strike back at these poor excuses for human beings.

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  1. You’re right. I read somewhere that more than 75% of the emails we get are spams, marketing emails, or bulk emails. I don’t usually give my email address in any websites but I guess, there’s a hundred and one ways for a spammer to get our email addresses nowadays.

  2. Yes. I think that’s the only way to go, nowadays.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on all points. What the hell are they gaining from all this?! And not only email … also all the stupid spam comments in WordPress (and other blog platforms too).

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