Yesterday I was in North Las Vegas taking care of some stuff. Along the way I must have seen at least two dozen homeless people. Some of them were sleeping in broad daylight both under bridges and in bus stop shelters. Or on the ground in random locations. Honestly, I began to tear up several times.

I asked myself several times why this has to be. Two perspectives – one is that this is likely one of the wealthiest cities in this country. If not, it must be damn close yet we have so many homeless here. Every big city has this unfortunate issue. Several things are in play, of course the Fed plays it’s part and a not so good economy as two examples.

Second perspective for me is the religious aspect. I’ve been a believer, a Christian for many years now. Being such isn’t always easy on different levels. Seeing this homelessness never go away, sometimes I question why God allows this. And that is the time I must tell myself again that He has a plan that will always end in good.

That’s not easy to do but I believe it is not for humans to judge. Homelessness has always been with humanity. It will continue until Christ returns for His people. In the mean time, some of us while driving home to that comfy residence will continue to cry for those people, so deeply affected by this. I wish I could stop this.

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