Attempted B & E

Earlier today I was setting on the couch watching my favorite TV program when I heard the front door handle being jiggled and twisted. About 5 seconds later, a tall young man say 18 to 23 years of age was seen walking past my front window. Walking very fast. My apartment is ground level. I stepped into my flip flops and quickly walked outside.

In those few seconds, this asshole managed to simply vanish. I walked around the building and looked into the distance as well. He had vanished. Locking the front door, I quickly walked down to the front office and explained to them what I had seen and heard. The outdoor staff was made aware and they quickly dispersed, searching the grounds. They did not find the jerk. I told the staff what the person looked like and what he was wearing.

I never had this happen in three years living in Las Vegas. There are all kinds living in this complex. The area itself though is much more upscale than many areas of the city. That helps but just so much. An older couple was seen dumpster diving last night in the complex. Probably after cans and other recycle material.

I’m not fearful of living here now. This is easily a much better apartment complex than the surrounding complexes, if it were not, I’d not have chosen this place. Let’s just hope what happened this morning won’t ever repeat.

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    1. Me too! I told my neighbors upstairs later today about this. Gave them my description of the creep. I like my new pad, and am feeling better about what has happened in the last several weeks.

      Being single again is going very well for me.

      I actually don’t think about her much which adds credence to what I’ve been thinking and have told others, that I have been wanting out of the marriage for a year or so now.

      Kind of sad but in the long run it will be best for both of us.

      Hope you’ve been feeling good Katherine. Hugs! ❤️

      1. I feel better being single but it took me a long time to let go and stop thinking about my ex in none too flattering terms. You are doing so well to be feeling like you are getting to a good place emotionally, so promptly. Good for you. I’m sure the new pad has been a big part of that! X X 🌺

            1. Well, dogs are allowed in this particular apartment complex but no. Zeus now lives in Virginia with his mum. The only pet I’d consider at this time would be a cat but I chose to have no pet for now. I never argued with his mum to keep him either.

              1. That was very kind of you and kind to Zeus as well. You must miss him. In our family we always take a long break between pets in order to be certain we want the responsibility again. They give an enormous amount but come at a cost to some personal freedom.

                1. Thank you Katherine. Right now isn’t the right time to have a pet. I’d love the company of a cat just now but it has to wait. Yes, I do miss the little turd but he’s better off with his mommy. I am quickly acclimating to being single again.Sure, I miss her some but I also like not having to answer to anyone but myself. It’s freedom. The only concern at this point is making sure my finances are in line.

    1. Good thought Jodi, if you had been setting in here you could see just how suspicious it really was. Your suggestion is much friendlier.

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