Aladdin’s Bail Bonds

I was in North Las Vegas today, a very rare thing as I don’t like that part of Las Vegas. The Clark County Detention Center is in this part of town, not far from this building. There are several bail bond places in this area for an obvious reason. If you watch lots of TV like I do, you may have seen a program on that shows the waiting area of booking centers of several big city police buildings. Las Vegas’ center has been on there a few times. This is a great way to see the lunatic mentality that is pervasive in Las Vegas which is why I avoid that part of Las Vegas like the plague.


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  1. We watch a lot of crime shows, when there’s nothing else to watch. When I first came here, I had to read up on the bail system. That’s not something we have in my country.

    1. Those odd Americans! Apparently we are the only country that still allows Bounty hunting. If ya can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen a “bail bond” center. Just curious, do these centers loan out “bail bond” to those who cannot afford to bail themselves out of jail? Is it a good business?

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