Pawn Stars

You’ve probably seen this program on TV for the last few years if you live in the States. I don’t watch this program much these days actually, got tired of it. I knew this place would be on my left soon so I did a drive-by photo of it. Not terribly impressive, neither is the photo. I’ve been in there just once and did not see any of the guys from the program. The shop has it’s own large parking lot that can handle all the tourists who visit. I wasn’t terribly impressed actually. What I saw was nothing more than a bunch of old junk for sale. Just sayin’…


Crappy photo taken on Las Vegas Blvd…

Aladdin’s Bail Bonds

I was in North Las Vegas today, a very rare thing as I don’t like that part of Las Vegas. The Clark County Detention Center is in this part of town, not far from this building. There are several bail bond places in this area for an obvious reason. If you watch lots of TV like I do, you may have seen a program on that shows the waiting area of booking centers of several big city police buildings. Las Vegas’ center has been on there a few times. This is a great way to see the lunatic mentality that is pervasive in Las Vegas which is why I avoid that part of Las Vegas like the plague.