Thank You, My Friends

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to so many of my wonderful online friends, you may not know this but going through my recent divorce and moving to my new tiny apartment was made so much easier with so much encouragement, caring and positivity flowing from each one of you. Thanks so very much my friends. I am blessed to know all of you.

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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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  1. Sometimes we talk about people “in real life” as opposed to online. I’ve found my online buddies to be very much real — no question about it. I’m glad you’ve found some support from us here through these difficult times. Sometimes a listening ear [so to speak] is all that takes. So happy you found a little apartment that you like … the very worst, practical stuff is over. Now it’s just onward upward 🙂 …

  2. Since I just “met” you a few months ago, I did not know this. I am sure the transition is difficult, but when you feel lonely, you can always come here, and we’ll be here too. The online community is a wonderful group, and I am glad that you are a part of it.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I came to WordPress several years ago, the community here has always been fantastic. Nothing like it anywhere else on the internet!

  3. We have such an amazing community here on WP. I’m so glad it’s help make things just that little bit easier for you. It can’t be an easy transition in your life, but you seem to have it under control. Sending you hugs and continued support! 😊

    1. Aww thanks soo much Amanda!! You are always so kind. I’ve tried other platforms out over the years and started out on long ago. Nothing comes anywhere near the community that is the WordPress community. Big hug for you❤️❤️

      1. Oh, I agree. 100% WordPress is the best (by far!) funnily enough, I started on too. It was short-lived, as I had zero success with it. Mostly because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing! Two and half years on… And I’ve got it all sussed out! 😊

        Good night, John (it’s bedtime here!)

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