Long Wall Lamp

This is one of four long lamps on the wall in my Community Center. This one has the brightest colors and was the only one I liked enough to try and make look better. On another note, I wrote my attorney a check to pay her off for the big D several days ago and I have yet to see the check pop up cashed in my account. Really? Is my money not green enough?

I sent her an email asking her WTF is going on, in a nice way. She has been walking around town for days now with a fat check in her purse. Really? By the way honey, you are screwing up my checking account. No, I didn’t say that to her but let’s file it under shit I’d like to say to certain people. How rude man. Do I need to stop payment?? I’ll be happy to keep the money…


Photo via iPhone SE and PhotoScape X

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