Long Wall Lamp

This is one of four long lamps on the wall in my Community Center. This one has the brightest colors and was the only one I liked enough to try and make look better. On another note, I wrote my attorney a check to pay her off for the big D several days ago and I have yet to see the check pop up cashed in my account. Really? Is my money not green enough?

I sent her an email asking her WTF is going on, in a nice way. She has been walking around town for days now with a fat check in her purse. Really? By the way honey, you are screwing up my checking account. No, I didn’t say that to her but let’s file it under shit I’d like to say to certain people. How rude man. Do I need to stop payment?? I’ll be happy to keep the money…


Photo via iPhone SE and PhotoScape X

Thank You, My Friends

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to so many of my wonderful online friends, you may not know this but going through my recent divorce and moving to my new tiny apartment was made so much easier with so much encouragement, caring and positivity flowing from each one of you. Thanks so very much my friends. I am blessed to know all of you.