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Out and about earlier today on a job hunt. I found a place that’s hiring for landscaping and mowing/trimming which is what I did for many years. Hard ass work doesn’t scare my fat butt one lick. It will help me lose some of that butt too eh? So I hope to get that magic phone call come Monday morning.

I am so enjoying having a smart phone again! I believe people become so used to the convenience of the device that when it’s suddenly gone it’s kind of like having your hand amputated! The photos were taken with the iPhone then processed via iColorama.

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      1. I still have the box, that contained my iPhone 4s. Was cleaning up a little today, so I held that box in one hand, and the 6+ box in the other … amazing. I could never go back. Or rather; I would have a very hard time going back. If I had to, for some reason, of course I would LOL

        1. I believe you would find it relatively easy to downsize. In just a few short days the size will feel natural. These are truly one-handed devices. It’s easier to perform most functions with just one hand. And much easier when you’re forced into a flipping flip phone. 😩

            1. It’s black or what Apple calls Space Gray. Has a black soft casing over it and I put a black Apple background on the screen.

              1. Nice. Mine is white.

                If I ever decide to go for a new iPad, I think I’ll go way out, and get one of those pink/gold LOL … wouldn’t do it for the phone, though.

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