Yes, the Windows OS. Before I could submit my job application today, I had to take my completed PDF file to the UPS store to have it printed. Last time I did this at the same location, the employee did the process for me. This time there was a different employee who in so many ways, radiated the fact that he simply did not want to be there. Be glad for your job buddy, your blessed to have one.

I was absolutely lost in trying to get this process complete. I finally told the grumpy employee that I am a Mac user and have basically forgot how to use a Windows machine and I am not kidding my friends. It was amazing to watch that little wheel spin, telling me to please wait. Gotta wait. Why are Windows computers so bloody slow?

I was a bit embarrassed.

However I am glad to have this disability. I’ve been using the Mac platform for at least five years now. Plop me down in front of a Windows machine I become a deer in the headlights after dark. Windows handles different file formats a bit different too which is likely why I went computer blind… OK, end of this rant!