Red Rock B&W

Some of you know me well enough to know that I just have to upload a couple black & whites of Red Rock. These were snapped with the iPhone SE I just got a few days ago. Man oh man am I enjoying having a real device again! I used the Lenka app then used PhotoScape X to tune the images a bit.

Cable Woes…

I have Cox Cable. Normally, I have zero issues with the system but lately I have not been able to pull up certain channels which frustrates me to no end. Especially when this causes me to miss my Star Trek: TNG episodes! The Tech who did the install several days ago gave me his Cox business phone number in case there were any issues. I called Luiz, he came back to my apartment in less than an hour which must be a world record service call speed.

He found a bad Coupling outside, in the junction box which was a quick fix. However, the channels were still acting odd. My cable box was apparently not updating itself as it should in spite of multiple reboots initiated by the box itself. So, what happened is I now have a DVR cable box, not part of my package. I was gently reminded to not say anything to anyone about this nice freebee. All is well, and I got a great deal in the process!



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    1. Thanks Rebekah. It really changes the mood. TV is working better now but still pixelated a bit. There are parts outside that are going to be changed today or tomorrow. That may fix it all the way.

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