Back In The Canyon

I’ve not been in the canyon for around four months now, just haven’t felt too good about going out there considering what’s been going on these last few months. Today it felt like the time and day was right to put an end to that. Those of you who have followed me for a good while will certainly remember these scenes.

Trying The iPhone SE In The Canyon

I did some extra reading on the iPhone SE model this morning. As the nice gal at the local T Mobile store said, this model is nearly identical to the iPhone Six Plus. Should I have known, I’d possibly have purchased this unit instead. The big difference is the shape and size of the unit. Otherwise, the technical differences are almost nill. Same camera!

I won’t consider updating to an iPhone Seven come September. I found some supposedly leaked photos and specs on the new device with a little digging around, the next generation doesn’t do anything for me. Apple made some useless changes from what little I saw, so why bother… Always such a battle between the iPhone and Android fans too.





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  1. How nice, that you got out there again! These are such beautiful photos.

    I agree about the upgrading. From what I understand, while reading all those ‘leaked’ news articles, there doesn’t seem to be anything tempting. Probably next time, when iPhone turns 10.

    1. LOL, you too? We are Apple addicted. Android just can’t cut the mustard for us. I still love the SE model, it’s a true one-handed phone yet it takes excellent photos and is lightning fast, even since I now use T Mobile as my only internet link. I chose that as a money savings thing and it has worked well since. I am close to a tower hence I get LTE service. 7 doesn’t tickle my pink haha!!

      1. LOL right … can’t see my ever becoming an Android person. My husband has it on his tablet, so I know it from there.

        That’s good that it fast, now that you use it that way.

        So far, I haven’t seen anything I get excited about, and my 6+ is working just well, so I’ll wait another year.

        1. Yeah, I swear on a stack a Bibles, it’s absolutely as fast as the Six Plus. Maybe it’s a back door sales tactic that Apple does not directly disclose this. Corporate America/Canada I suppose.

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