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Photo via my new iPhone SE, my replacement for the one that sadly found it’s way into the wash machine. Yes my friends, I finally told the truth. That iPhone 6S Plus I think it is called, died a soapy, watery death. I was sad and rather pissed off with myself. The iPhone SE and I are getting along famously though. I really do like the smaller size!

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  1. *OMG* That must have been tough. I can almost feel … gawd, I don’t know what I would have done! I’m so attached to mine.

    I’m really glad you’re pleased with the SE. Would have been too awful, if you’d felt sad and missed the other one, in a larger size.

    I’ve decided not to upgrade this year, by the way. I have a feeling there will be more new stuff next year.

    1. The cutie at the T Mobile store said there is a new version up in about three months or something like that. I really do like the smaller size. It’s the same as the iPhone 5 size but has identical guts as the 6 Plus. Same camera too.

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