New Phone!

This whole experience with replacing the phone has been a serious pain in the ass! I called the company that handles the insurance claims for T Mobile only to find out that my claim can’t be process because I no longer have the damaged device. Why would I keep it, it was a paperweight! For the claim to be processed, I would have had to pay some crazy fee, hundreds of dollars more than the $175.00 dollar deductible.

I’m talking up to $1000.00 was possible, just because I didn’t have the damaged device. Seriously? I told the insurance company to basically stuff it. I went to my local T Mobile and purchased straight up, a new phone but it wasn’t an iPhone 6S+. It’s an iPhone SE which is the same phone internally as the 6S. Same camera, same processor. It lacks one option that the 6S has that I never used, so I got the same phone foe about $300 less.

One thing though, the screen is a good lot smaller which I don’t mind. I like the smaller size. So, it was pretty much a win-win situation for me. Should I have known I should have kept the brick, I would have of course and got away with the much smaller deductible price tag. Live and learn. I don’t see how having insurance on any smart phone, regardless of price, is any advantage at all. Typical insurance company bullshit from my perspective.

A couple of test photos coming up later today. Oh, I got moved into my apartment yesterday and am finishing the details over the next few days. I am happy to be in my own space again. This may call for a couple cold ones later.