The Parent Trap

I bet everyone has seen this movie, either the 1961 or the 1998 version. Until last night I’d seen only the 1998 version. The 1961 version was just starting so I thought why not watch it to make some comparisons? After watching it I now see how the writers made some large and small changes in the script and the settings or venue. I dare say that Haley Mills didn’t wreck her life post The Parent Trap as did Lindsay Lohan.

Some of the scenes in the 1961 version were absolutely hilarious which surprised me, I didn’t expect that from an old kiddie movie but then this was a Walt Disney movie. I have to say I like either version equally well. Off I go for an interview, more later.

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  1. It’s such fun to watch, you will like it. The interview was fine, I am now going to wait to hear back from that person now as usual. I got home and the phone rang, got another interview at a pizza joint tomorrow. Suddenly things are poppin’ !!

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