It’s Hot In Here…

100-degreesHigh heat season is back and in full swing here in Las Vegas Valley, it was 93F at 9:30 this morning. Sure the humidity is a measly 9% at the moment but heat is heat. Looking at 111F this afternoon, my little-used pool is looking like a good alternative later today.

A few weeks ago I decided to forgo the air conditioning in order to save a butt load of money, and it has saved me lots of money on the electric bill. But damn it’s hot in here.

I don’t have a temp gauge downstairs where I stay full time now but the thermostat upstairs says it’s 95 up there in the afternoons, and that is with all the windows left open too. Ugh. A ceiling fan and an eight inch desk fan make it tolerable in my own private oven here in the valley.

I’ll be moving to the apartment July first or second, and have till’ the twelfth to get all my goop outta this damned house. The apartment is just 800 square foot or so, so cooling with the A/C won’t be a huge budget killer. Out of the oven soon!

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