Built In 69′


Photo via Google Earth

My family broke ground in 1969 on this auto dealership in Waterford, Michigan. I was just nine years old and remember the day, the little short chrome shovel dad used and the photos being taken. I recall the huge cars. Back then, cars were built by the foot, not by the millimeter like today’s autos.

I cut my teeth in the working world here when the day came, my first job was here in this old building. I worked as a shipping/receiving clerk, a job I very much liked and would do again. I never did auto sales as my people skills are not that great but some would say that’s just not true.

The building was sold several years later and was occupied by another auto dealer for some years before they too moved to a new location. Sadly, this building has been setting empty like this for more years than I’d like to count. So many good memories were made here, so many good friends.

Here is one of those memories:

As the owner’s son, I had the nice option of driving company cars at no cost except the fuel. One weekend when the store was closed, I decided to go into the back storage lot to look for a particular car. Unknown to me, there was a guard dog loose in the back lot. Why I didn’t know this I still a mystery…

I ran like hell for the door into the building but didn’t make it, I made the roof of a car in a single bound, thank God. I was up there for a while waiting for the dog to wander away which it did but I waited a while. The car I was on top of was parked against the edge of the storage lot, a residential area was on the other side.

There was a man in his back yard who noticed me. I attempted to get him to distract the dog but he of course wanted nothing to do with me – I was a car thief right? That’s what I would think. Eventually I managed to get back inside the building but not by much, upon closing the door, the big German Shepard was right at the door.

That never happened again!! There are other fun things that went on there too, acts of stupidity by some of the employees and weekends spent in northern Michigan riding dirt bikes with dad and many of the guys from the store. How many owners party with their employees?? Good days, old days. In due time those good days will return to me, living in the past isn’t a good thing…


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