SSN’s On The Web

Below is a portion of a discussion I’ve been having with the Support Department of a big corporation in regards to obtaining employment. The company wants my SSN as part of the online application. No, I won’t do that. This practice should be rendered illegal in this country in light of the identity theft issues we have today. I stated:

The SSN should be given ONLY at the interview, never online. This is really too bad. I would like to work at one of your stores but identity theft is out of control in this country. By forcing a person to disclose their SSN online, this shows great disrespect by the corporation towards your employees.

Or those hoping to be employees. This ticket is not resolved, I suppose it never will be until this practice by corporate America is made illegal. I am very motivated to start work and am a hard worker, dependable and responsible. I feel a bit ripped off in this case…

I have been trying so damn hard these last weeks to find work in this city. There is great competition for jobs here, even for minimum wage jobs. I’m not sure if my age has anything to do with this, regardless of federal laws prohibiting age discrimination. In an case, I am very frustrated with this crap and feel very much defeated by the system.

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