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Sunday through Wednesday will bring round two of high heat warnings in Las Vegas Valley. I actually feel a bit sorry for the tourists when these events come along because they are not acclimated and are not as likely to always carry water with them. These heat events are to be taken seriously, and drinking copious quantities of beer or other adult beverages then trotting outdoors from the cool environment of a hotel or casino won’t cut the mustard. It’s bloody dangerous!

To save myself several hundred dollars before moving out of this house the end of June, I am not using the Air Conditioning. That old piece of shit cooling unit on the side of the house is an antique as well as not operating at peak capability as proven by the Tech I had come check it out last year. The homeowner will not pay for it’s tuneup which consists of recharging the coolant in the system. Well guess what, homeowner – you will pay.

You will pay when the unit finally dies because it runs constantly. Then you will pay for that costly brand spanking new Air Conditioning system. To me this is a matter of common sense as well as dollars and cents.

In other fabulous news from yours truly, as I suspected would happen, my email address has been taken over by the spam community. I’ve used it to apply for numerous jobs, all of which has brought no success. All I’ve got from this is an email address now polluted, ruined and trashed. Be warned, if you intend to use your email for such a purpose, expect it to be trashed by the spam community.

It is my understanding that a very significant amount of internet traffic is nothing but spam. imagine an internet totally free of these pieces of feces. Create a throw away email account for yourself instead. I have a spanking new address ready to go which will never be used for crap like job searching. I thing using the internet for job applications is pure bullshit. It will never replace the face-to-face interaction.

Further, some of these companies have the balls to ask for your SSN. That should never, ever be part of the process. Not until you make it to the one-on-one interview process. I see the request by companies as cheesy as it reduces the amount of work and time consumed for them, at the cost of identity theft. That’s corporate America, right? Well, that’s enough babble for now. ☀️

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    1. Right, I spoke with my dad today up in Imlay City while he was at a car show. Said it was 90 the other day in Lapeer. He keeps track of the weather here in Vegas, mentioned how hot it’s been. The humidity is say 5% but it’s 114 degrees. My feet are cracking. Lotion!!!!

  1. Do you think it’s because you used that address for all the job applications, that it got spammed so badly? Weird thing to ask for [SSN]. Do they think people would provide such information in an EMAIL?!

  2. Bloody hot!! I’ve seen 114F here but south of us in Baker, California they see 120, 122F frequently. Same desert, different topography.

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