Negative Equity

Well I tried, and I tried real hard. I currently drive what is traditionally thought of where I come from as a non-American auto. No, I won’t say which brand so don’t ask as I’m not proud. I went to a local “American” auto dealer today to attempt to relieve myself of this cursed car.

No go man. First strike – my credit is blown. Final strike – negative equity. Seems I need to make oversized payments on this piece of shit for another year or so to offset the difference between what I owe and a realistic dollars and cents before being able to kill this car. Even a Lease Option couldn’t help me roll that bad equity over.

I so despise the idea of “credit” and one’s credit score. Dammit, that fricking number does not and will never define me as a human being or my character as such. But like millions of us stuck here on the planet, we have no choice but to follow the dictates of said “powers that be”. Powers that I have seen for so long as dictatorial, all controlling and solely dedicated to controlling the masses, regardless of which continent we reside upon. End of rant.

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  1. My excellent credit score does nothing for me because I buy new cars (for example) only when I have the full purchase price + taxes and registration fees saved. I bought my last car on credit back in 1982, and the bank charged something like 18.25% interest, an outrageous amount. It is a wonderful feeling to have a paid off car from the start, knowing my friendly banker won’t make a penny off the trade. I’m on my fourth one, having just bought a 2016 model. Of course, I don’t drive that much, never have, so my seven year old car only had 35,000 miles on it and I got a great trade in on it.

    1. Sounds like you are doing this right! 18 percent is ridiculous, wow. That should be illegal. 35k in seven years, that car trade in must have been really good.

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