Well here is a gem from my past, found while looking at some historic photos of the APBA from several decades ago. The fella driving the hydroplane is my father. The photo was taken in 1967 at an unknown to me location but I can speculate that it may have been taken at Constantine, Michigan or DePue, Illinois.

This all wooden hydro once held the world speed record around 120mph I think but there is no way I can document that. The hull is built of marine grade plywood and powered by a six cylinder, 2 cycle outboard engine. The exhaust system was direct, using the pipes, or stacks visible protruding from the rear.

Under the hull at the stern you can see the propeller holding the rear of the boat up, assisted by the tunnel of air passing under the boat. Further forward the cornering fin is visible which assists with the all-left turns the boat makes around the course. Would you want to go 100+ miles per hour in a 12 foot wooden boat?

Before I die and leave this world, this has always been a dream of mine. A dream that began in the mid 1960’s when I was just five and six years old. Standing directly behind this boat as it fired up and left the beach is something that stays with you a lifetime. The smell of the wood, the smell of the Methanol fuel. Heavenly.

I could write a very long winded post on this subject but from this point, it would become a load of technical data of which I suspect would be of no interest to most readers. When you grow up on a lake and having the experiences of boat racing from your days as a knee-high, into adulthood you find you have boats in your blood!

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