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So what does my tiny little Avatar mean? Doing a Google search for Michigan’s State Seal will return about one hundred different designs of the state emblem. I chose this black and white version for no other reason than I liked it much more than the color versions. But what do the Latin words mean?

“Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice”

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”

And I can guarantee you that my home state is a very pleasant peninsula. Having lived there fifty-plus years, I kind of know the state from top to bottom. So, why am I living in Nevada? Well, my almost now ex wife and I came here in mid summer 2013 for several of our own reasons, that’s all I will say about this.

Guess what? Life happened. Things don’t always work out as planned and if you are a seasoned or semi-seasoned adult as I am, you know very well what I am saying.

I’ll be here in Las Vegas for another year, hoping that next year will bring forth the ability to return to my beloved  Heartland. Where is that Heartland? Anywhere in the Great Lakes State north of the city of Au Gres. All the way north until Michigan touches other states and my beloved Canada.

Au Gres is pronounced as Aww Gray. I have lived in Canada for a while and love her. I love the people and all that is Canada. If there were two countries I could live in, it would be Canada and England. So, there you have it, not much to the story of the Avatar really but it’s a part of a deep love I have for my home state. Where my heart is. Visit

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