Feel That Heat!


I could never work outdoor in this heat, regardless of the six percent humidity!! There’s this thing called A/C or air conditioning which is what I plan to submerse myself into. I may have that job, will know more tomorrow! As you may know, my iPhone is dead. Hence I’ve been using my iPad Air to link to the web.

This iPad has the built-in internet link which has been sooo worth the cost! What I didn’t pay attention to was the data plan the iPad has, it’s unfortunately not on the same Unlimited plan the dead iPhone has. Now being used by that piece of shit flip phone, probably next month until I can ditch it and pitch it into the rubbish.

The speed the iPad typically has is a meager 2mb or so, even on LTE at my current location. It sounds really bad but actually is just fine for all of my needs. It even streams YouTube rather well, rarely stopping to buffer. But yesterday eve, it sloooowed waaaay doooown. WTF? So I paid a visit to my local T-Mobile store.

My plan on that device is a meager 3gig. And, I’ve been on YouTube lots the last couple days. I suspected I was getting throttled back and sure enough. Going over your limit earns you the 25kb or so award. Hell, dial-up may be faster!! So, it’s been hell all day, the account resets at midnight tonight. Better lay off the YouTube aye?

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