No More Photos…

Not for a while anyway. I unintentionally trashed my iPhone last night so now I have a flip-phone. It’s OK to giggle. A flipin’ flip phone! I hate it. All my contacts and sweet applications are gone. Fortunately when I get the replacement, all of that information can be retrieved. It’s so amazing how much we depend on our devices today.

Many of you today don’t recall a world without computers and those super smart devices in your hands. I dare say that on one side it was a better world without all the technology. On the flip-side, no pun intended, the technology makes our lives much better. So, I must suffer the stress of a 1990’s style phone. Not for long I hope!

(I can still use my iPad for photos but it’s not as good) 😉

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  1. I’m dying with curiosity to know what you did to your phone! I’m glad to see you take it with humour. A flip phone, hilarious… I mean, it’s not hilarious that you ruined your phone, but the way you describe it is.

    1. It’s too stupid to tell you. It was purely accidental but just plain old dumb. ggrrrr. I’m ready to flip the flip phone into the pool.

  2. Oh ugh!! Well I recall not knowing how to turn a computer on so I think I qualifgy as an older reader. Hope you get a smartphone as soon as you would like.

  3. I too hesitated to hit the ‘Like button’. Whatever happened to your iPhone??

    I’m old enough to remember both worlds — the world before the WWW, and that fact makes me appreciate all this so much! I know I’m addicted/dependent but so what?! It’s in a good way — I don’t have any bad concequences from my addiciton 🙂

    1. Well, there is a $175 deductable before the new unit can be shipped. I need to wait a few days for some bills to clear the bank. Better safe than sorry…

  4. Having recently gone through problems with both my laptop and PC at the same time, where posting photos on my blog was limited to old ones on file on WordPress or (when both had locked up cursors!) not being able to post at all, I am very empathetic to your problem! Best wishes for a speedy regaining of the full scope of this blog again. Bad things shouldn’t happen to nice people, but they do, dang it!

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