Losing My Handwriting


I read somewhere a while ago that the advent of personal computers can/will cause people to eventually lose the ability to write. This seems to have happened to me to a degree, I have been writing in Print only for a long time and can no longer write in Cursive except for my name. That’s kinda scary isn’t it?

Have you noticed this happening to you too? 😳    Image Source

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  1. It’s true. I’m glad my work still requires many things to be written out, but I notice my handwriting quality has declined since I’ve been out of school and use the computer mostly. I’ve heard that they are going to stop teaching cursive which is a shame.

    1. So I’m not going batty! Why the hell stop teaching Cursive? Batty!! So everyone will be printing only, like me. Geesh, time really changes things.

  2. Oh, a new blog header! I adore it <3 And yes, I'm affected by deterioration in my hand writing as well. I can still sign my name but that's about it. To think that at one point when I was learning Russian, I could write in Latin *and* Cyrillic scripts… Now I'm more keen on learning other scripts, like JavaScript. Progress.

      1. I’d like to be well versed, but I’m not. Actually, Russian is the same language group as my mother tongue, so no big deal. Also, we used to be sort of occupied by the Soviets, so instead of English, the foreign language taught was Russian. Still, I like the language, a shame that I’m unable to keep an active knowledge of more than one foreign language 🙁

        1. All I speak is English and proud of it. Spanish is heavily spoken here in the southwest US, as well as all over the country. But much more so here in the southwest. In Canada, it’s English and French. In the States, it’s English and Spanish.

  3. Yes. I have. That’s why I bought myself a fountain pen, and am practicing to get it back. It’s going good.

    Kids, nowadays can’t write in cursive … and hence, not read it either.

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