Flash Floods

It seems the valley is getting the rains a bit earlier this summer as compared to last year which is fine with me. Thunderstorms in the desert are different than those back in Michigan. The rain drops are larger, hence the floods and the air smells so different after the storm in a very good way. A flash flood warning has been issued until 4:30 local time. So glad I’m not located in an area known to be flooded often. ??



Yeah that’s the word that best describes my thoughts today. Between job interviews, job searches, moving day is tomorrow and the current landlord basically chomping on my heels in an apparent hurry to give me the boot, it ain’t a good time nor a good feeling. I usually have a partner helping with all of this. Now it’s a solo act.

I didn’t cry when my attorney sent me the email stating the process is complete. But inward, I wash shaking. I was blindsided, never saw this coming. never thought it would happen. No, not crying but so sad inside. I confess to being afraid of the future now. Nothing seems fully stable, nothing seems certain. One day at a time is all I can handle.

Random Vegas Street Photos





After the interview I used the iPad Air to grab these rather raw looking totally random photos. They were snapped around Koval, Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd streets, or almost right on the Vegas Strip. I seriously miss having the iPhone 6, hoping to have it back in about one week. ???

The Parent Trap

I bet everyone has seen this movie, either the 1961 or the 1998 version. Until last night I’d seen only the 1998 version. The 1961 version was just starting so I thought why not watch it to make some comparisons? After watching it I now see how the writers made some large and small changes in the script and the settings or venue. I dare say that Haley Mills didn’t wreck her life post The Parent Trap as did Lindsay Lohan.

Some of the scenes in the 1961 version were absolutely hilarious which surprised me, I didn’t expect that from an old kiddie movie but then this was a Walt Disney movie. I have to say I like either version equally well. Off I go for an interview, more later.