Top Gear – Dead?

I have mentioned someplace on this site how much I love the original Top Gear program on the BBC America. The ‘new’ Top Gear is now seen on the BBC America. I’ve seen just two episodes of the new program and I must say I am very much on the fence about the format. The format is somewhat similar to the older version but seriously lacks in terms of character. Why? In my view it has everything to do with mixing Americans with British.

What exactly does that mean you ask? Again, in my view the Americans being involved is the key item that takes away the core of what has made this program so good for so long.

The new cast is not unlike the difference between a cheap steak and one that was cooked by a world class chef. It’s just a substandard experience. Matt LeBlanc is the saving grace if this program has any future going forward, I am watching a program just now that shows the ‘best of’ the days with the older programs with the three wonderful Brits.

The way I see this, the defining moment that killed the REAL program was a very human error committed by Jeremy Clarkson.

Of course I may be way off course on this. Regardless, Mr. Clarkson had zero right to be punching his producer or anyone else in the face. Judging by his rather healthy pot belly, the man likes to chow down as much as I do. If I am correct in all of this, shame on you Mr. Clarkson. You have dishonored yourself, your family and Britain. And alienated so many fans who respect you. I will miss the ‘real’ Top Gear.

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  1. I’m not that in to cars but did enjoy the original Top Gear and the adventures they went off on. Unfortunately Jezza (Jeremy) forgot the programme didn’t revolve around him and there were 2 other guys who provided the entertainment as well. His ego imploded and someone should have given him a sound smacking and sent him to bed early. This new team won’t work. I like Matt but Chris Evans has an even bigger ego than Jezza but is minus the personality. I predict it will bomb ..

  2. Agree. Top Gear was for a time my favourite show and I don’t even like cars. It was always so funny. Clarkson screwed up but being an arrogant arse was part of his appeal. Guess be like that in real life gets you in trouble.

    1. I agree, his arrogance was a part of the appeal. Apparently the three of them are creating a new show, sure hope so. Clarkson needs remember to play nice off camera though. I watched a couple more of the new episodes last night – it just isn’t the same.

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