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So for the last four days, My ears have been really pissing me off. Especially the right bank. This morning it started spreading and making strange vibrations and a low humming sound. It was frankly creeping me out so I pulled up good old Google and went hunting for some answers which I did find.

I like the somewhat surprised expression that doctors give me when I hit them with realistic ideas of what may be going on. Can’t jack me around, Jack! Anyway this is what I expected, spot on I was. I assumed the other day this was an earwax buildup and busted out the little squeezy ball and did an ear canal flush.

That failed. OK, this will get better on it’s own, let’s be positive! Nope. Nada. Suddenly today I began hearing the strangest noises, fluttering and deep toned oscillations. That was it. I don’t need a busted ear drum which is oozing puss out me ear. Bloody gross aye? Hello emergency clinic! Mr. Doc gave me some antibiotics as was expected.

So, I hope this goes away in five days or so. My Blood Pressure is way off to, hence Mr. Doc said I need to double up on one of the many meds I take for a short time. It’s the whole situation I am embroiled in the last week or so, doing a grand job of constricting those little veins. Our bodies seem to be built to fail…

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  1. Tinnitus, urgh. ☹️☹️ Mine is blood pressure meds induced. It is so much worse when I am excessively tired. Guess you notice it more when you are exhausted. You must have something else awry if they gave you antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon, John.

    1. Katherine, no question this is worse when very tired. Suprised I am still up as it’s been well over 12 hours. Sleeping in the car sucks the big one. It’s a bacterial infection that crept into my ears. Gross but I had the good sense to see the doctor. I have a $50 co-pat and the meds were $6.00 Go figure. XX

        1. I meant to say Co-Pay, sorry. Today was the big day Katherine. It’s just now 1 AM. The soon to be X is by now in Arizona. There is still a huge trailer on the street in front of the house containing everything she hired a bunch of Mexicans or others from South America to quickly move everything from the house to the trailer which will be picked up Tuesday because of our national holiday. I am so sad but life goes on. Easier said than done, Life is painful.

    1. I think it’s all the damned stress, Sue. I’ve had those nasty canker sores too. I get those ONLY under stress. No idea how the hell I could have developed this er infection other than all the stress. The huge dose of antibiotic seems to be helping already. Fingers crossed. I so much appreciate your kindness!!!

    1. Yeah that’s it!!! Hell, I’ve had Tinnitus for years and years. I ignore it, it’s normal but the recent thing is not! Sucks bigtime!!! 😡

            1. Then it’s much worse for you, I am sorry Rebekah. No known cure that I am aware of but I’ve seen meds somewhere that supposedly brings it down some.

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