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mobile-devicesI visit lots and lots of my favorite blogs almost daily. Most of them have either a mobile-ready coded theme in use, or have activated the standard mobile-friendly side provided within the WordPress Admin panel. Do you have a mobile-friendly theme? If you do a little digging around in WordPress, you will find a list of mobile-ready themes.

Why am I mentioning this? Because although it is not nearly so frequent these days, occasionally a site I visit has neither a mobile-ready theme or the WordPress mobile design activated. This makes viewing any WordPress site more difficult due to having to try to enlarge and slide the page around to read or view images.

Many free WordPress today are mobile-ready. The theme I am using is a purchased theme and has multiple options for content display. I have chosen to use the theme in it’s simplest form, with sidebar on the right. It is mobile-ready. Amazingly, some businesses have not yet made their website device-ready, a business killer to me.

Why not have a look at your mobile settings. Is your theme device-friendly? If not, have you activated the mobile version? Just a quick thought!  Image Source

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  1. So true — particularly with regards to businesses. I would never choose a theme that isn’t responsive in this day and age.

    It’s so annoying when you land on one of those …

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