Whilst Heading For The Interview:

Well, I had yet another interview this morning, yay!! But let’s wait and see if I get the magic phone call in a few days before cracking open a cold one. Mapping the route to the location first via Google Earth on the Mac, it was a snap to drive there as I know the roads all over Las Vegas rather well after three years here.

The location is one of the big name hotels on the Strip. I have the skills needed to fill the job but of course it’s the usual battle for the job. Jobs don’t come easy here! Competition for these low paying jobs is fierce.

Anyway, cross my fingers and toes, keeping the telly close by lets hope for the best.

So, I snagged these lack-luster photos when approaching the Strip via Flamingo Road, proceeding east then crossing Las Vegas Blvd. Kind of amazing how few cars where on the boulevard. This would be a thirty or so minute commute each day, battling the traffic downtown and along Flamingo Road. Fingers crossed, I neeeed this job!

Photos via iPhone 6

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    1. Thank you Lisa. The company is wanting to get this position filled ASAP and have four mor interviews so he said. Tough competition here. Not like back home in Michigan among the soy beans and cornfields where I am from. 😁😋

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. A bit difficult with the toes though. I makes me keep falling forward when I try to walk.
    (Just kidding. 😉)

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