75 Degrees

Well, it’s really happened. This born and bred Yank from Michigan is officially cold at 75 degrees. Currently 75 degrees in my backyard and I almost feel ashamed.

From -20F in northern Michigan feeling normal, to basically a tropical temperature.


Getting back home to Michigan hopefully next year will be a serious shock…

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    1. Well, I’ll be here in Vegas for a while so the only snow and ice around is above 8000 foot. Those are the small ones around here. In a tough life situation right now, things will improve in time.

            1. oooohhhh ya got me!! when i was 8 years old (1968), the kid who lived across the street from me put his tongue on the aluminum outer door behind his house. he lost some tongue… You never ever do that in winter!! or any other time lol!!

  1. Ohh … you’ll have something to look forward to then! Love that.

    75ΒΊF … that means 23ΒΊC [I always google these things because those F numbers don’t mean anything to me]. That’s a very pleasant temperature to me. Anywhere around 25ΒΊC is good, but not higher. I’m a northern girl πŸ™‚

  2. Oh dear, wrap up properly! I’m always cold, even in summer, and my room temperature must be at least 77 if I’m not outright to freeze. When it’s a hot summer, my flat at the top of the building gets heated up to 86 and I don’t particularly mind.

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