Butts And Pot Cards

Just a few random and not so great photos snapped on the way home today from my latest job interview. I didn’t bother to do a damn thing to them this time. ha!! 😋 Welcome to the real Las Vegas, places the average tourist will never see, not that they are missing much but this really is a beautiful city. As with any larger city, there are of course those rather unsavory areas that should remain off of the itinerary…

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  1. It looks like the desert which it is, but the blue sky contrasts so nicely with the motorway wasteland. Pot cards though? I’m intrigued! Hope you’ll hear good news from your potential employer!

    1. Thanks Mara, me too! Nevada has legalized medical pot yet the cops still pop you for it anyway. The hypocrisy needs to stop. I used to smoke lots of pot years ago and can say from experience that pot is a hell of a lot less dangerous than booze.

      1. Oh, I see! It makes sense now, thank you. It’s funny how some substances are vilified, while others, equally dangerous, are ignored. I always find it funny how the dangers of smoking are emphasised while the dangers of eating, say, sugars are completely glossed over. In the end, both can lead to death.

        1. Yeah I totally agree!! Anything goes in this crazy town. I believe that plastic surgery is a slap on the face of God. I hope you have been feeling well and strong. ❤️

          1. Up and down physically but grand in spirit, thanks John! ❤️

            Re cosmetic surgery, it intrigues me but the results are often bizarre. I find it hard to believe how many young people get things done but if it is subtle and not about trying to be someone you are not, I have no issues with it. Wouldn’t do it, though!

    1. Thank you for your positivity! I have a good vibe on this. The fella and I have much in common and the job itself has a positive feedback with my previous job experience. ❤️❤️

    1. Hi Rebekah. Well, it could be better and worse. Today’s interview is most promising yet. Hope for a call from this fella next week. I may get a call for something else before that. Really need some work.

    1. Well, the round trip was plus or minus a bit, about forty miles. LVV is about 20×30 So I had a pretty good drive all the way to Henderson for this interview. Should I be hired by this company, I will have a forty mile drive each day, along with OT. Gladly, 99% of this is freeway driving.

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