Cruising The 215

Heading northbound on the 215, west side of Las Vegas Valley. Snagged with the iPhone 6 this morning using the stock camera. Zoooommm!!!! Runtime: 31 seconds

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  1. Is it illegal to do that there? Here you aren’t even allowed to touch your phone, I know this was your camera, but you can get fined for using your phone while driving. They have found too many people have accidents when they do.

    1. I’m pretty sure most states now allow talking on phone while driving with hands-free device. Would have to look into it. I’m sure the laws vary from state to state. The camera, not sure. I watch for the cops just incase.

      1. Oh okay, we can use hands free, but that’s it. Apparently they have cameras here now that can tell if you have your phone in your hand, not sure how true that is.

                1. That’s overly strict. If you drive five over, you really don’t cut your travel time back significantly. Not worth the ticket.

                  1. it would have been 6 or 7 k’s over, they deduct a certain number for speedo corrections too. So not really bad, they take speeding here very seriously.

                    1. They should! Speed kills. Running red lights is too common here, these people are in such a hurry to die it seems.

        1. I totally get it. After 50+ years in Michigan I fully understand the weather on that side of the Rockies. But I still would rather be back up north in the land of the ice and snow…

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