Too White!

toofsNot that anyone really cares but the TV commercials pushing teeth whitening products have become too frequent as have the drug companies pushing their drugs on TV. There is a local dentist office here in Las Vegas that pushes teeth whitening on TV like it’s best thing since sliced bread. It depicts an older, presumably retired couple, their teeth are beyond white. They look absolutely ridiculous and completely unnatural!

If you are tooth bleacher, sorry no offense meant. You are feeding into a multi-million dollar industry that has actually spawned law suits in multiple states (I should have provided links for my research). Example: A case in Alabama consisted of the state dental board suing a woman for whitening peoples teeth, the dental board sees this as something to be done only by licensed dentists.

Sounds like a case of using the court system to squash the competition out of business. No need to visit a dentist but the dentist may be better able to complete the process. Regardless, lawsuits over this are ludicrous. Another way of looking at this industry which started gaining steam during the 1990’s is that the big companies have jumped on the bandwagon and making millions. Is it legitimate? But then is the makeup industry legitimate?

Makeup industry: 1

Teeth Whitening industry: 0

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  1. Ok John- I started whitening my teeth way back in 1999, and continue to do so occasionally still using Crest white strips. I find yellowed and yellowing teeth to be very aging to a person. I don’t like fake white that don’t look natural- but a smile can be changed for the positive if teeth are white. Just my 2 cents my friend!! 🙂

    1. I suppose teeth can be whitened a little bit but those ads show teeth screaming white! Boy have I stirred up the stuff eh? Should I post a photo of my teeth close up? Uhg, nah. I agree on teeth making you look dated.

  2. I do brush with whitening toothpaste. My teeth are not as yellow as the bottom but definitely not as white as the top. I think as long as it’s done safely that whitening is fine. Plus think of all the people employed because of it.

  3. Yes, they are legitimate and a degree of marketing genius is found in both places. Yes, they look ridiculous but they have still managed to convinced most of society that ridiculous is good. It’s sad, but they have convinced us we’re not good enough to the point that without good looking teeth and makeup it’s hard for a woman (and some men too) to get a decent job. I’ve even seen it written into employee dress codes that women and sometimes men must wear professional makeup and practice “good oral hygiene” which is code for “have white teeth”. The company doesn’t really care if your teeth are rotting out of your head, just so they look good. I know thirty year old professionals who are spending $30-50 thousand dollars having all their teeth pulled and getting titanium implants of perfectly shaped perfectly white teeth put in place. Not for me but I suppose, to each his own?

    1. Surely you jest – having healthy teeth removed? Ludicrous! tHIS IS LIKE THE SKINN, PHOTOSHOPPED models driving young girls to starve themselves. The caps lock on the mAC HAS A HABIT of staying on. Apple built it this way. Something about how it’s touched I guess but it sucksssss

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