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wifiAs some of you are aware, I will be moving in the next 45 days or so. This has me wondering about ways to save money in times to come. My cable TV and internet are a bundle package as is the norm these days it seems, but what if I called the cable company to have them remove the internet side of my service and use only the Personal HotSpot on my phone?

I have been experimenting with using my iPad and iPhone as my internet link for a couple three days now and am not completely satisfied with the results. For general surfing and getting around inside my website here it works OK most of the time but certainly does not equal the speed the cable provider serves.

No surprise, it’s well known that data transfer speeds via your cell system are not that great even with the miracle of the LTE service. I tried the other day to view a video on YouTube and had very little problem. Tonight I tried that again and got the damned spinning wheel of death. So, I’m very much on the fence.

This may end in restoring the WiFi side of the cable service in pure frustration. Is it worth the aggravation? Data use on my phone account isn’t an issue. I set the iPhone 6 to Personal HotSpot on, WiFi on and that sets the WiFi to link to the cell system, not my in-house WiFi which is connected to the cable system. I’ll keep experimenting…

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    1. i suppose it’s called something else on your device? I changed the way I was using the system, works a little better now. It’s annoying that when I close the laptop lid, the laptop disconnects from the phone. Gotta find a solution.

      1. So, I Googled and while it’s still not completely clear to me, I think I got the idea – and might even try to make a hot spot with my mobile to connect my tablet 😉 The joys of technology! Hope you’ll figure it out.

  1. My Mom lived in a rural area and used her Hotspot for this purpose but the connection was not reliable. Sometimes worked very well and sometimes not at all.

    1. I see. Funny thing Sue that about 1.5 miles northwest of my location there are two towers, one of which is the tower o am connected to just now. Two to four bars yet the attenuated signal via the houses kills my bandwidth. Unobstructed distance has the same effect.

  2. You can tether your phone to your laptop for a better visual interaction but like you said the speed might be lacking. My son works from a tether to his phone when he’s out of range of decent internet but its a bit slow. There is a way to increase the speeds on the phone but that’s beyond my skill set. I dropped the cable television package, kept the internet & digital voice only. I’m not much of a television watcher so I just find what I need on the net. It helps to change companies now and then too, generally hopping about a bit can get you better service and better prices.

  3. I have no idea. Hope somebody else has an answer. In my case, data usage on the cellphone IS an issue, so I’ve never thought about this.

    Can’t you get rid of the cable-TV and keep just the Internet?

    1. Oh yeah, I sure could Rebekah but sites like Hulu and NetFlix don’t carry the programming I really like. Among them is the BBC.

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