The Bare Bones Truth?


This isn’t intended to negative, please don’t assume that but is there a shred of truth in this photo?

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  1. I think it’s pretty accurate. Whether it’s negative or positive is irrelevant, it’s just a fact… Also it seems to me that there is one item missing in this otherwise perfect chart – the work, as in You work and then you die.

    1. Cripes, pretty sad aye…. Hope you and your wife are well there. Our summer heat is coming back, only in the 90’s pretty soon but the 100+ is almost here. Whoaaa!!!

        1. That’s what some other UK bloggers I follow said. Was nice and hot by UK standards I guess then the sun went away. Summers, so short and sweet there. When I load Google Earth which is pretty often it’s amazing how far north England really is.

          1. We have strange weather ’cause of the Gulf Stream (so they say), and it keeps moving around a lot changing the weather. Two weeks ago we had snow – then yesterday it was hot and sunny, now cool and rainy. Don’t know what is going on….

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