On The Way Home


From applying for a job this morning I grabbed this photo with the iPhone 6. The camera just can’t capture the actual scale of things, those mountains in the foreground are much larger than they appear to be. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky except for the usual clouds hanging around over Mount Charleston which can’t be seen in this photo because of those smaller mountains in front of it. Hence, the clouds appear to be over the smaller mountains.

Quickie facts about Mount Charleston

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  1. Such a great landscape! Exactly what I imagined your part of the world would look like. You seem to have lots of job interviews – that’s a good thing, I guess. I hardly had any when I was looking for a job, I was doing everything online – often no other option was offered – and apparently everyone hated my applications since I typically didn’t proceed to the interview part. I could have been applying for the wrong jobs though. My best job interview was with myself when I decided to become self-employed and after consideration, I hired myself 😉

    1. I thought about hiring myself but have no idea how to operate the business end. 99% of jobs seem to be online these days and I very much don’t like that. Face to face is far better.

      1. I don’t have the slightest idea about business. But it looked like my only option if I’m to pay my rent, so I went for it despite my complete ignorance. Now I’m always dreading what I have missed. I’m sure I’ve missed and am still missing a lot, including the basics. This could lead to some funny blog posts…

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