Jamming in The Car


Late last night in the car. I’ve enjoyed Jean Luc Ponty’ music since 1980, fresh out of high skewl.

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  1. There are lots of buses in Vegas. Sadly we do see a bus as a sign of being less affluent which is stupid. I have a stack of discs with oldies on them. Everything else is on a flash drive or stored in Google Drive. CD’s are on the way out. I remember playing cassettes in my car in the 80’s.

    1. Well the file system in this car radio sucks. It is NOT user friendly at all. It may be simpler to burn music to disc and go that route.

      1. Disc? Are those things still in use 😉 ? Makes me happy I don’t have any troubles with my car radio at all – since I don’t have a car. It’s less of a poverty marker not to have a car here than in the US. We have sensible public transport.

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