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I downloaded the Nik Collection since it’s free now and tried it out with this photo. It’s about as good a B&W as I can make out of a color image. Some of the software does not allow me to get a photo into it though, there is no file menu dropdown and you can’t drag and drop the photos either. What am I missing here? Is some of the software meant to be used as part of a plugin with other software such as Photo Shop? I need an expert!

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  1. John, I am not sure that Nik software can be used as a stand-alone. In other words I believe it is a plug-in, used via the filters menu in Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

    I absolutely LOVE Pepper!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, she is getting on in her years but is still very active. Has ten acres she can roam freely. I still can use four of the apps but honestly, I prefer using the mobile apps on my iPad Air over the Nik. sounds a bit goofy but then i am not a professional either. 😬👍🏻

    1. I do not have PS, it’s too difficult for me. So most of the Nik software must be used with PS still? I can’t drag and drop images into most of the software, only two of them. There is no File button from which I can select an image. I suppose this is why I use the free or cheap software…

  2. I love that photo, but I have no answers. I do have the Nik, but for me it works like a plugin for PhotoShop. I rarely use it, because I haven’t taken time out to learn it.

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