Please forgive yesterday’s raunchy rant from my keyboard. That post is one great reason why I do not follow anything political these days. The website I linked to is not a true political website in my view. I was once a diehard political news fan and actively sought out political news via any medium I could find…

My political inclination is very much Conservative.

That was something like another lifetime ago. My pompous attitude toward all things political bursts out when I read such complete and utter bullshit from the likes of Al Gore or others like him. After Obummer was elected the second time, that signaled my departure from my love of anything political.

It’s all about controlling the masses.

I’ve lost faith in the American system of government and the ability of many Americans to be able to see through the deceit that is so much a part of Washington. Chalk it up to among other reasons, decades of our public school systems having free reign with the innocent minds of our youth. A lie will never be the truth.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


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  1. As we’ve talked about before, I don’t take part in anything, even just bordering political. I already knew your inclinations are Conservative, mine are not, but that doesn’t hinder us from being blogging buddies 😄. I will say as much as I’m following the primaries with great interest.

  2. Now, this is shocking, it would almost seem that you share my opinion that people are too dumb to rule themselves, hence the failure of democracy. But let’s not get political – also, I certainly don’t offer a better suggestion as to how arrange the state, the society or anything else, for the matter.

    1. Thank you!! Well, the first move is to toss the rubbish out. Washington is far too Liberal, we need a serious dose of Conservatism. Since we are saddled with just two parties, it’s tough to tell the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties today. This is NOT the America I grew up in.

      More like AmeriKa.

      Stupid may not be the correct word but perhaps brainwashed is a better fit.
      Our public school system is infiltrated with Liberalism, those who believe contrary to the beliefs of our nation’s Christian fundamentalist beliefs. Simply put, Satan has a foothold then some, in the way this country is run and we/he is shredding it one day, one family, one moment at a time.

      1. I actively avoid everything political, but from what I inadvertently learn, it looks like the US are a mess. My country is of course also a mess, but in a different way, and in a way which I recognise – not the American way. Better the devil you know.

        1. I have no idea of your country politics but yes we are a bloody mess over here, it wasn’t like this in the sixties or seventies. Crooked politicians have always been with us but it just keeps getting worse. Humans are desperately wicked. i don’t recall which country you live in, sorry. Slap me. Starts with a C? Don’t mean to be rude. But government corruption knows no borders. Such positive posts lately aye!

          1. Oh you’re not required to remember my country’s name, I’m not as demanding! It’s Czech Republic, since it cropped up, and its politics are nothing special – just the usual. But not the American usual. I can’t quite pin down where the difference is, perhaps here it’s more about plodding along and plotting evil without all the sensational political speeches about it. It’s a land of quiet evil here 😮

            1. Sad to say but I see your analysis as correct but that is subjective. My soon-to-be ex sister in law voted for Obama because he offered the ‘best deal’ regarding the future for her young son. Now, we can’t fault her for that but did she honestly take a hard look at the repercussions of that decision? Americans are self-centered. Good point on the evil. American evil is loud and in your face. No surprise I’ve spoke to people from Europe who say Americans are loud mouthed. Boisterous and irritating. Our world is an incredibly imperfect world. We all do the best we know how to survive our less than 100 year lives here. We are all the sum of our life experiences.

              1. *Boisterous* is a good word, that’s rather what I meant. While I don’t prefer it, mostly because I’m not used to it, I wouldn’t dare to criticise different cultural climates. I’m just happy to stick around in mine.

                1. You confirm what I have heard from many from Europe, I find this embarrassing. Not all Americans are this way, including me. I am generally a recluse.

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