Mum’s Day

I’ve been chatting with my daughter back in Michigan via text this afternoon. She started the volley asking about my sister’s birthday date, umm oops but I forgot that! So one thing leads to another and I’m telling her how much I regret the things that happened with her mother and I all those years ago.

But no point to dwelling on it, no way to change the past. We talked about Mothers Day approaching and how lucky she is to still have her mum with her. My mum passed four years ago already. It’s tough to see the happy people talking about family gatherings. And advertising on the tube. I am truly happy for these folks.

I just hope they can truly understand how lucky they really are.

Don’t take her for granted. Time will come upon us all all too quickly and change our lives in ways we could never truly understand until living the dues. Gladly, I have no regrets with my mother. Sure, we had our differences, especially during my turbulent teenage years but all of that was resolved long ago. My only regret is that I no longer have her to talk with.

No longer can taste her fabulous cooking or hear that beautiful laugh she has. Watch Benny Hill together or see her latest artistic creations which were made in her own home studio, and so much more. She shaped me as a man. She shaped my language even, preferring to say Crick instead of creek or using the long “A” in certain words which is a regional thing lake calling a soda a Pop. It’s still a Pop, OK! And so much more but…

I miss you mum, more deeply than I can ever say in this website. Some things can never be replaced.

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  1. A lovely tribute to your Mom John. Still such a loss for you and I send my sympathy and a hug . Always harder on these special days i think. Very good advice on treasuring each moment. xo

    1. Sorry for your family Rebekah. Those words are certainly a northeastern thing! I asked my daughter to visit grandma on the way to visit with grandpa for lunch.

    1. You are welcome Lisa. Her name is Dora. She was well into her eighties. I don’t understand how my dad, almost 90 deals with it. 64 years of marriage says a lot about their character. They are both the most wonderful parents any guy could ask for, I had a beautiful childhood.

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