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I purchased an iPhone 6 several months ago now and during the process I also purchased the Mophie battery case for the device. The battery case looks good on the device and does what the manufacturer says it does. However, after several weeks I became tired of the minimal bulk the case has added to the phone.

It isn’t much bulk yet it’s enough to be just slightly cumbersome as well as making the phone more difficult to hold. I nearly dropped it several times. You would think more bulk would make it easier to hold yet it doesn’t. This is because Mophie neglected to make the battery case less slick by adding small indentation of some kind.

Ooops. Well, Mophie, I popped your case off. The phone is now much easier to hold on to in spite of the size reduction. Further, I had great difficulty in removing the damned case. It seems a two-fold thing. One, the case is too tight on either of the elongated sides. Two, the small power pin that inserts into the phone is tight which in this case is a good thing. The downside of this is the case is incredibly difficult to pull off.

Ooops. I purchased the white iPhone for a change and like it better as it shows far less fingerprints and smudging. I also did not purchase the screen protector material as the toughness of the Gorilla Glass today is far better than it was some years ago. If you do not purchase a screen protector then by all means, keep the screen glass away from sand and grit. That will do more damage more quickly than anything else. Keep your pockets clear.

So what is my recommendation? Unless you use the phone constantly all day long for uses such as work related things, I don’t believe the Mophie battery case is truly needed for the average daily user. The flip side of this is the piece of mind you may get from knowing you have the extra power available should you find yourself unexpectedly longer away from an AC source than planned. Should I have known, I’d have passed on the Mophie.

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  1. I do understand what you are saying about the Mophie, John.
    I have had mine for almost 2 years, and still am not real used to how slippery it is.
    However, I take so many photos with my phone, and it ha saved me many a time, when I would have otherwise run out of battery.

  2. I use my phone a lot and usually have it plugged in at some point recharging. I do have an extra power source which doesn’t work very well. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  3. Interesting. I’ve seen these online, but never really bothered to check them out. I only use my phone for the Internet and texting — I hardly ever talk. When I shut it down at night, I usually have 50% left.

    I do have some shield protection, but also keep it in a wallet style case in my purse, when I’m out so … it’s pretty well protected.

    Mine is white too. I noticed there are pink/gold ones now too 🙂

    1. Yeah, Apple has finally come up with better colours for sure. The phone is so much more comfy without the batt case. Really bad that Mophie hadn’t put lines or dimples on the case though.

        1. Well, this is a guess but I say the battery adds about 1/3 the weight of the phone itself to the device. Plus or minus… You can definetly feel the difference in your pocket. And holding it.

            1. I once had a Bag Phone, it was in a little black soft case and had a handset and coil chord with a short rubber antenna on the side of the base unit. Circa 1986 I think. In the late 70’s, my dad had a phone in his car, it had a 5/8 wave high gain VHF antenna mounted to the trunk lid and a 100 watt transceiver bolted into the trunk. it had say 6 or 7 channels. Times have changed!

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