Earth Day?

This is a pompous ass opinionated rant. You may be offended.

I find the entire idea of Earth Day no less than hypocritical nonsense to be polite about it. Humanity will continue to use coal and nuke power sources and oil will continue to be used for everything from engine lubricants, petrol and plastics to other uses. Our specie, our world needs these resources to continue. It is human arrogance that some of us believe we could do anything on this planet that would kill it.

Of course it is not a good idea to dump used motor oil on the ground as an example. And there is nothing wrong with recycling materials. But taking this to the level of believing that our activities could cause sea level rise is no less than pure rubbish. The geologic record of this blue marble floating through space in itself proves that our climate has warmed and cooled multiple times over the eons of time.

I see people such as Al Gore and similar as no more than scavengers looking to feed on the fear created by individuals and governments all over the globe, looking to profit. And profit they have. Call it evil. Call it human greed and jockeying for political power. I don’t buy the lie and never will.

But does it really matter what I think? Probably not. Those who hide in the shadows and pull the strings of their political puppets aren’t going away anytime soon. And now for the fabulous video I made some years ago… πŸ˜‚

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  1. Haha! The way I see it is, our Earth has gone through this warming and cooling cycle since it’s formation, before us humans were ever around. And it will continue to do so whether we are on it using up our fossil fuels or not :P.

    1. I suppose one could conclude that, and yes I am. Just highly opinionated and stubborn. It bothers me a lot that so many people can’t or won’t see this GW stuff for what it is.

  2. Good for you, expressing your opinions — I didn’t find it pompous and I’m not offended either. Couldn’t argue neither for, nor against because I know nothing about this stuff, and I doubt anything I do could improve or make the situation worse.

  3. This is pure evil! I love it so much <3 Exactly my thoughts today on Earth Day. WTF. I don't need to be reminded to recycle, I just do it and don't make fuss about it. Accidentally, I got myself a new large can of hairspray today. Here you go.

    1. Glad you like this post, I expect to get some haters commenting. I just can’t and won’t swallow the blue pill! There is nothing wrong the idea of Earth Day and some of the ideals these folks have, but when it becomes political, for profit and for control of the masses, I refuse to go with it. This shit has become a religion for some people and I believe that is very dangerous.

    1. Glad you like my pompousness. So opinionated on certain things. I take a chance in posting this kind of stuff but the site is no longer purely photographic. I’ve had that video for a few years and look a bit younger and thinner in it. Uhg!!

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