Two Bucks


This early morning I drove to the grocery for some requested supplies. While driving out of the parking lot an older man approached my car and asked for one dollar. I ignored the man. After leaving the lot, I was overcome with major guilt for my actions which isn’t always the way I react to these requests. It’s a frequent occurrence here.

I’ve turned this over again and again since then in my little brain and have not found a satisfactory answer for the guilt. I have believed for many years now that nothing in our universe happens by chance and without reason. Everything is in one way or another locked together. Locked forever together by God.

I have been a Christian since the early 1990s and am grateful for this. Was my not giving the man two bucks a disruption of this connection? If I had not gave the man two bucks, would something or someone’s life on down the line been horribly altered? Was this the holy Spirit moving powerfully upon me?

I will never know the answer in this lifetime. I returned quickly to the very busy parking lot and found the man, giving him two bucks instead. He said thank you brother. Good choice of words, words that were more cause for thought. In any case, I believe I did the right thing and wish this old long haired fella all the best in his future.

Perhaps he and I will meet again.

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  1. Great story, John. Good on you. I was brought up Catholic but do not consider myself a Christian any more. I don’t believe you need religion to treat people with love and respect. Nor do I believe everything happens for a reason. I do believe in goodness and kindness. You are a good and kind man. I hope you keep some of the kindness for yourself. Love, Kate.

    1. Thank you Kate. At this time I am finding it kind of tough to treat me good, I believe you know what I mean. Better days always come. ??

  2. This brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. I also believe in things happening for reasons unknown to us, that God is in control. Wonderful you went back.

    1. Thanks Lisa. When this happens, I am very much open to doing what I seem to be told to do. Glad you liked this. Since changing URL and format I have taken advantage of the opportunity, not having to post only photography. It feels ‘free’ you could say.

  3. John you obviously have a very big heart. We may have talked about this before but I always carry food with me such as a granola bar. I have given our hundreds over the years and always, save for one instance, get a big smile and thank you.

  4. That was heartwarming, to read that you went back. I would have too.

    I was on a photo walk, with a group here in SJ one Sunday. We met a guy, like yours, all ignored him. Afterwards, me and another woman said to each other: “here we are walking around with THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth of camera equipment, and we couldn’t spare two bucks?!” We went back too …

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